We offer a wide range of web services from simple data entry and HTML development to dynamic content and server-side scripting. Whether you're a new business on the Internet or looking for a new look and feel of your site, we've got it covered.  Additionally, if you need print media available online and want it to fit your newly designed site, we're able to help you there, too.


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Our expertise include:
















Data entry



Java scripting



Java applets



Java games









CGI scripting






A successful interface is presented to the user in a straightforward and concise manner. We have years of experience designing and implementing such interfaces.


  Graphic Design
  Logo Design

ActiveX/OLE Controls


Custom Controls




Here at Rapid-Dev Solutions, we pride ourselves on our knowledge and expertise in the field of Microsoft Windows application development. As firm proponents of object-oriented analysis, design, and programming we have the capabilities to quickly engineer robust solutions for your application requirements.


C++ is our language of choice, however we have experience in x86 assembly language, Java, and if absolutely necessary, Visual Basic.


Some of our expertise include










ActiveX/OLE Controls



Shell Extensions



Namespace Extensions






Windows Sockets



Multimedia Extensions









NT User Security









Hourly Rate:  $50.00/hr for most web and user interface projects to $125.00/hr for projects with more technical requirements.



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